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This is a sub-selection from LTE has been here, FYI

West Tenness
reply to koolman2

Re: LTE has been here, FYI

said by koolman2:

Verizon said they were bringing LTE a while back. AT&T beat everyone to the punch and launched theirs in Anchorage back in August if I remember correctly. GCI and ACS (Alaska Communications) launched their joint LTE network on AWS spectrum in September; however, no devices were being sold and LTE SIMs weren't available until November. GCI/ACS LTE is available in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. AT&T has yet to launch in Fairbanks. I am unsure about Juneau.

LTE over AWS is better suited for large cities with congestion issues as the signal does not travel as far nor does it penetrate structures as well. That is what Verizon is using it's AWS spectrum for. Deploying it on mini-towers in hundreds of sites in a city like NYC. I assume people in Alaska spend a lot of time indoors. Verizon LTE over the lower 700 MHz spectrum will have wider range and penetrate buildings better.

Anchorage, AK

Regional carriers couldn't get their hands on any of the 700 MHz spectrum, so most were stuck with AWS or a non-standard frequency set. AWS seems to work just fine for LTE, though. Even at a signal of -110 I can still browse the web just fine and speedtests are still around 5-10 Mbps. In fact, I did a speedtest on my phone just now. At -110, I got 21/4 Mbps.

GCI has a pure 1900 MHz GSM/UMTS network in the cities, so there aren't a lot of problems with network density to get 2100 MHz going for the downstream LTE. Everything seems to work just fine so far.