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This is a sub-selection from Puny upstream.


Etobicoke, ON
reply to MovieLover76

Re: Puny upstream.

said by MovieLover76:

Maybe this is a chicken and the egg scenario, maybe once more people have more symmetrical speeds, applications that utilize more upload will become more prevalent.

I always want more upload, I'm lucky enough to have FiOS though.
It's far from a useless upgrade.

Well most consumer Internet connections will not be symmetrical or close to it, but it is very useful to remove the ridiculously asymmetrical speeds all too common to cable as one such common scenario. As an example I just got off of a cable 18 / 512Kb tier and upgraded to 25 / 2. The problem with 18 / 512kb is it is enough upstream to download at full speed and nothing else. Now I can actually web browse and other things and not have an impact on downloading. Now I can actually use Skype and other similar video related services.


Chesterfield, MO
What client are you using? Windows XP? If the line quality is good (minimal or no packet loss), I believe other clients (Linux, Mac OSX and Vista+) will automatically increase the RWIN so that there are fewer ACKs. Fewer ACKs require less upstream bandwidth to keep the stream flowing.

Of course I do agree that 512Kbps upstream is very slow. I'm trying to think back over the years and I don't believe I ever had 512Kbps up. My first HSI plan circa Y2K was 512Kbps down and 128Kbps up. Over the years it went to 1.5/256Kbps, 3/768, 8/1, 12/2 and currently 15/3 with power boost. The boost will push data at me sometimes up to 100Mbps but it quickly settles somewhere between 20-30. Upstream is always around 3.xx.