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This is a sub-selection from LTE has been here, FYI


Orange, CA
reply to chgo_man99

Re: LTE has been here, FYI

said by chgo_man99:

said by iansltx:

18 Mbps up means it's definitely 10x10. 5x5 can't hit more than 13.5 Mbps up without MIMO or higher QAM modulations, neither of which are in current phones.

Are you sure?

I have at&t and live in chicagoland and heard in chicago area they only got 5x5, and in most places I get around 10mb/s but when I am in o'hare I get >30mb/s. Even in some pockets of downtown I get speeds above 20mb/s sometimes.

According to the FCC, AT&T has only 12Mhz of 700Mhz spectrum in Los Angeles and Orange County (same for chicago). Thus, AT&T is using 5x5 LTE in that area. However in San Diego County, AT&T has 24Mhz of 700Mhz spectrum, thus allowing them to use 10x10 LTE.

Edit: And this is basically to the point about AWS. The plan in the near future is to supplement "spectrum-starved" areas such as LA/OC with AWS (1700Mhz down/2100Mhz up) spectrum, which AT&T has plenty of (and why the AT&T iPad has 2 LTE frequencies compared to the Verizon one.)

Anchorage, AK
Quick note: AWS is 2100 down 1700 up.


Orange, CA
said by koolman2:

Quick note: AWS is 2100 down 1700 up.

Ahh, yes thanks for the correction.