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Buchanan Dam, TX

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Re: [Deep] Santa Fe-ish PUNishment

I didn't want to do this, but you've left me little choice. It's time for one of my (less than) famous bi-lingual jokes!

An elderly Hispanic gentleman walks into a JC Penny. To the young lady at the register he enquires, "Senorita, necesito calcentines por favor."
The young lady is thinking 'hummm. I know this. After all, I took dos years of Españole in high escuella!'
"Follow me, Signor...Is this it?"
"No. No pantalones...calcentines, por favor!"
"Is this it?"
"No huaraches! Calcentines, por favor."
Finally they passed by the socks.
"Eso, si. Que es," the gentleman reports.
The young lady is astonished. "Well, if you can SPELL s-o-c-k-s, why can't you just say socks!"
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