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Columbia, SC

[TWC] Anyone ever got a "Cable Weird" from Time Warner

So I use Text Chat today to jump back into bed with Time Warner cable after Uverse removed my promotion pricing and told me that to get promo pricing back I'll have to bundle TV and/voice service. I've been a Internet only consumer for years and that won't change.
Anyway I'm off off a rocky start already judging from my Text chat with TWC.
This short chat took a little over an hour. I think the rep had more than one Text chat windows going at once, either that or TWC began hiring 5th grade dropouts.

User Nate_ has entered room

Analyst Kenneth has entered room

Kenneth> Thank you for contacting Ecommerce Time Warner Cable Online Ordering Service, this is Kenneth, what services can I help you set up today?.Also a connect Number in case we get disconnect?

nate_> connect # is **********
nate_> I'm looking to switch from At&T to your Standard service for $34.99 per month
nate_> Is there any way the instalation charges could be waived?

Kenneth> Honestly there is not .
Kenneth> If there was a way I'll be more then happy to help you on that

nate_> We've had TWC service at the residence before and all the wiring and connections are still in tact. i'll also be providing my own modem, so the setup will be very minimal, if any at all on Time Warners end

Kenneth> Ok so you can do this select a self install then
Kenneth> That way you don't get charge for the installation

nate_> I did select the self install, but the Service installation fee is still showing up at checkout

Kenneth> Ok let do this the order your placing right now actually is a preorder of services so lets do this place the order so in that way in the system i can select the self install so you don't get charge for that and I really dont know way is showing that price on the web page

nate_> I just place the order
nate_> There is no order number?

Kenneth> May I please have the order number?
Kenneth> Yes there is
Kenneth> It will appear at the very end

nate_> Sorry, I was on the confirmation page. Order # is **********

Kenneth> No problem
Kenneth> Thank you allow me a few minutes please
Kenneth> Ok Nate in a few minutes you'll receive a conformation e-mail
Kenneth> Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

nate_> Yes, they was $50 gift card offer at the begining of the product service page, when can I expect that?

Kenneth> Sure that will be mail to you via regular mail in a couple of day

nate_> I still haven't receive any confirmation emails as yet
Kenneth> Ok its matter of time
Kenneth> Now really importing you have 3 business day day to pick up the cable weird

nate_> huh?

Kenneth> Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

nate_> I don't understand your last statement

Kenneth> may i know what you don't understand so i can explain it better

nate_> I don't understand this "Now really importing you have 3 business day day to pick up the cable weird "

Kenneth> Yes when you do a self install TWC will give you a cable weird so you can connect your modem from the outlet into the modem it a small cable

nate_> Im not familar with that term. What is a "cable weird"
nate_> Are you still there?

Kenneth> Yes

nate_> What is a cable weird?

Kenneth> Look you need to pick up the guide to how install the equipment also the coaxial cable and some staff that might help you step up the service correct

nate_> I know how to do the install, I don't know what a cable weird is. What is a cable weird?

Kenneth> Im sorry that was a misspelled information Nate

nate_> What is misplelled? Please be clear. I'm saving this transcript for my records.

Kenneth> It was coaxial cable instead of cable wierd im sorry
Kenneth> I apologize for the problem caused

nate_> thanks
nate_> I think thats all

Kenneth> More then welcome have a good day and a great weekend

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·Time Warner Cable

Re: [TWC] Anyone ever got a "Cable Weird" from Time Wa

It's because they outsourced their tech support to another country (India, Philippines, or some other country??). Even business class tech support. I hate it. About 2 months ago, it took almost an hour for a business class rep (if there is a difference between res and biz) to change one of my business clients TWC connections from DHCP to a static IP address. I had to manually reset the modem 2 or 3 times with a paperclip because the rep kept messing it up.

I think it was 2 yrs ago, when I called TWC biz tech support, I got the Portland Maine office (if I called during the day). It was great! Local support, usually clued into local outages in the state. Reps who knew what they were doing. Most calls were finished quickly.