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Berkeley, CA

Switching over from AT&T U-Verse standalone Internet?

Hi all,

I am interested in switching over from AT&T U-Verse Internet to Sonic Fusion. However, because I do not have voice service with AT&T, I am wondering whether the transition could be problematic.

I rent an upstairs room in a large house with, I believe, 3 to 4 phone lines. When AT&T came out to install U-Verse a little over a year ago, the technician used his equipment to figure out which line had the Internet service and which--I'll call it a circuit--connected to my room from the phone box/board (MPoE?) in the basement. But since I don't have a phone number or any way of determining on my own which line carries the Internet service, I worry that if I ordered Sonic Fusion, I might need a technician to come to the house. That wouldn't be a disaster exactly, but I'd prefer to avoid the expense, and my landlady is a bit anxious about technicians being in the house without her supervision, which would make it hard for me to schedule a time for installation.

Are my concerns founded? Or when I switch over, would Sonic just "take over" the current connection from AT&T and simply assign a new phone number?


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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC
I assume that the U-verse circuit is connected to a CO DSLAM. If Sonic.net knows which CO pair is yours, I believe they will just move it to their DSLAM, and assign a new phone number.
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Santa Rosa, CA
reply to JBE
Unfortunately, if you have UVerse, regardless of if you have phone service or not, you will need to have a full install.

Because UVerse is a fiber-to-the-node service, the technology is not compatible and we can't just move it from AT&T's DSLAM to ours. The only case where we can seamlessly cut over service like that is if someone has existing AT&T POTS voice service.

I hope that helps!
Sonic.net Technical Support


Berkeley, CA
I see. How much would a full install cost? I assume that means a technician would have to come out to the house? And what precisely would he be doing? I ask in part because I am sure the landlady will be anxious about anything that might involve more than moving a wire from one node to another. For the record, this would be in the East Bay.

At least now I might be able to haggle with AT&T, if it comes to that.