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USG Vs Cisco Router

I have one question regarding the performance of UTMs(like cyberoam) /USGs (ZyWall300).

I recently visted one college having a very basic network. The primary intension is just to provide internet access to students.

They have around 500 PCs while at anytime the maximum number of concurrent uers is less than 300.

They have ZyWall300 connected to 8Mbps leased line internet connection. The admins told me that students complain that internet just gets slow when number of users becomes more than 100.

I am not very experienced (just a CCNA recently) and I have been asked to find why it gets very slow.

I checked the specification of ZyWall300 and found that this appliance does everything a Cisco router would do, but it also does lot of other things too(AntiVirus/intrusion detection etc etc etc).

So I was wondering:
(1) Why would anyone buy a plain router and not buy this fancy device.
(2) I guess this machine has too many features that makes it slow. So, can I have one Cisco router connected to the internet (to do the job of routing etc) and have that ZyWall sit behind and do other stuff. Will that make things fast ?

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Based on my experience with the USG300

With all UTM services running the USG can support 75 users.

I have no experience using the USG with 300 concurrent users so I can only speculate that for that many users with ALL UTM services active the USG would choke but with ALL UTM services disabled it should be able to handle the load.

for a 500 user campus and all UTM services active I would have suggested the USG1000.

[1] The USG300 is not a fancy device -- it is a good quality device that has value when used properly.
[2] Depending on your level of competency you can have the USG and CISCO coexist in the manner you suggest but not sure the UTM can handle 300 concurrent users and still provide the bandwidth expectations your users may want to have.
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reply to akshayj
I can't speak for the performance (or lack thereof) of the USG 300 as far as UTM services go but...

An 8Mbps connection for 300 concurrent users? No wonder its slow...

You don't have a large enough pipe for that many users.


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reply to akshayj
I agree, the question is the current service not with UTM.

So it would not matter which router is in place an 8Mbps line for that number of users would at be best useful for web browsing etc and not torrenting or live streaming. They need to increase their service both up and down BUT, be able to limit the sessions on a per user basis.

As far as UTM services, I don't believe there is a router out there that has these services without some significant hit on throughput and thus one has to go to higher performance models.

I would consider educational OPEN DNS services as a much better solution. »www.umbrella.com/business-securi···32713870
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yes! 8 Mb in download for 300 users at the same time, so they can download about 3 KB/s if they can, just for mobile browsing with no images....and no text ahah!!

You must plan to upgrade to 800 Mb and they can do something with less then 340 KB/s in download, better with 8000 Mb, they can receive 3 MB/s so they do not waste a hour to load only one page ;D but the price to secure a 8000 Mb/s? Consider 10 usg 2000 with no acceleration module and with none of the utm services. and plus a central management software to configure them all in one time that costs too too much!