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Whistler, BC

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Packet loss while torrenting

i should mention im about 99% sure i have done a line quality test before with bit torrent open, fairly sure it wasn't downloading or uploading anything to much but i did have about 90-100 torrents active waiting to be seeded. i have also torrented at over 10MB/s before on this same setup, and even then my brother wasn't lagging on his xbox while it was happening. now i can barely hit speeds of over 2mbps even with extremely high seed/peer ratios and im positive there is more bandwidth available.

the problem is im getting terrible line quality tests with lots of packet loss, and my brother is lagging like hell the second i get a torrent up and running even around 500kbps.

my question is where is this problem occurring, and why, if it were at my router it would be as simple as me assuming the router cant handle how many connections are required for torrents and starts to fail under load, but from my understanding the fact my brother is lagging on a different ip connected directly to the bridged cisco dpc 3825, is making me think the problem is in that unit, or am i dumb and its possible problems with my dir 655 could be causing the dpc3825 to have problems inturn causing my brother to receive lag via packet loss, from what i understand.

what ive tried. reducing my max connections from 2000 to 1500, and max connections per torrent to 300 to 150, aswell as changing ports which seemed to fix the connection initially to my surprise, but then it went back like it was, here are my line quality tests for anyone who wants to see, any helpful insight on this is appreciated



here is the almost perfect test i took 2 mins before torrenting


and also here is a test i run with bit torrent just sitting open with 100 torrents active seeding but with no one pulling on my upload, this explains why i thought i had no issues with bit torrent before, now i regret not testing my line quality any time when i was downloading above 1.2 megs cause i cant seem to hit above that now


is there any way it could be bt causing this? doesn't make sense to me another torrent program like u torrent would fix i but i guess its possible

i can also show router logs of the d link dropping packets if people want