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West Hartford, CT

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Re: Speaking of CB....

said by 54067323:

said by PL239:

But if you do cause interference and someone complains - you must open your house / station for a inspection.
When the FCC comes a knocking - you have to open the door and let them in.

They better bring a warrant if they want in.

*Read 47 USC 303n. They don't need a warrant.

There was one case here where someone was causing harmful interference to a established emergency net on the amateur radio frequencies and the FCC came ( within about 3 hours ) with 3 Federal Marshal's.

said by PL239:

Yes a non licensed person can operate on 11 meters with more then 5 watts - due to the fact that the FCC is broke and only prosecutes the worst offenders.

I can only guess they must have found some instant funding that day.

**The only way anyone would show up in 3 hours is if the OOs had found the jammer 2 months ago, sent the info to the FCC, the FCC had done its field work last month and the jammer keyed his mic on the right frequency at the right time. Jammers will be found and prosecuted, but it takes a long time.

They can, and will - just take it all out into the driveway and smash it with a sledgehammer.

Absolute bull crap.

Surrendering unauthorized or illegal equipment to the FCC and allowing them to destroy it is one option. The FCC can and will go to court to seize the equipment if it isn't handed over. I'm not sure that taking it outside and bashing it with a sledgehammer constitutes proper FCC procedure, though.