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Snohomish, WA

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reply to Melissa2009B

Re: [Connectivity] Alternative to Comncast? I'm furious!

yes, you are!


Denver, CO
said by tshirt:

Good luck!
It is possible to have someone (doesn't have to be Comcast) do a professional wiring job of the house or have at least one wired phone at the modem to eliminate the wireless as a problem.

That would cost us hundreds of dollars, and is not the problem. Our wireless is working fine.

And you have the choice of not mentioning BUSINESS to anyone OR upgrading if it is a vital source of income and you want BUSINESS level support.

The whole tone of your reply, sounds like them, to blame the customer. Do you work for Comcast?

As I remember your cable drop was very long/old/had some problems much like your phone drop,

No, the phone line was a 60 year old lead line. The Comcast line is brand new, the tech was even bragging when they installed it, that we have a brand new cable, going to brand new equipment on the main line on the street.

so if you can eliminate some of the sticking points perhaps you can get comcast working on the drop and line QC instead of just yelling at the poor CSR who maybe doing their best to go through the steps required to help you.

This really isn't helpful. As I mentioned, it was working great for the first several months, but has gotten intermittent for the last 4-6 weeks. It's not our wireless. It gets like this, then comes back some hours later, as if something in their equipment outside gets rebooted or fixed, then it happens again later. It comes and goes at various times.

And I just tried calling their support 2 more times and got disconnected both times, while on hold.