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[West] AT&T Cut Off My DSL

Saturday lost internet. the 2 wire (gray/white) modem continuously cycled power and wireless lights (red power only/green power with green Wireless/green flashing power only, repeat pattern). AT&T Support Rep: We have upgraded the network in your area and your modem is no longer compatible, i.e. they killed my DSL with no notice. They want to upgrade me to U-Verse Fiber - 2nd tier support rep claimed tech would run fiber to the computer - ha. What can I expect tomorrow when the Tech gets here? Going to be 109 to 111 temp, ought to be about 125 in my garage and 145 in the attic! How will they wire my 2 story house? What should I do to prepare?


There are several different flavors of U-verse, and the chances that your neighborhood has need covertly converted to FTTH is very, very slim. Have you seen any AT&T construction crews running fiber to any of your neighbor's homes? Or did you perhaps already have IFITL or DFITL service instead of traditional ATM based DSL service?

Chances are that all that the tech will need to do is replace your ATM based modem with a PTM (IPDSL) modem (and maybe need to go to the neighborhood cross box and change the wire pair connection there).

In any case, there isn't anything you need to do to prepare; just let the AT&T tech(s) do what needs to be done (and then hopefully enjoy the results).

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to Sgt_Rufus
By any chance is your modem Bridged... because they have been doing PW changes (to separate them from account/email PW's) out there now I have seen they did a year ago here. Same thing suddenly inexplicably just dead.

If your modem is bridged it can't be pushed to it and rebooted and will have to be done manually. Actually if you call in that should be a menu option to pretty auto get that info and do that without a lot of work.

If it is bridged I would try that before you swallow the CS likely BS to get you to switch.