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Denver, CO
reply to Wayne99021

Re: [Connectivity] Alternative to Comncast? I'm furious!

said by Wayne99021:

I think Comcast has to put that unit in bridge mode.

Yes they do, but like I said, I tried a router with that and couldn't get it to work, so had them switch it back.

Another thing you might think about is getting a wireless access point and installing in the middle of your house.

Isn't that what the TG862 is essentially doing in wireless mode?

If your house has carpet throughout there is a way to run cat5e between the tack strip and the wall under the carpet.
I did that with a neighbor a couple years ago in his house with bad wireless signals and that cured his problem.

No carpet.

Mead, WA
Sorry, I just re-read my post. I should have said wireless router, not WAP.
With my neighbors problem he had the same modem/wireless router as you have, but was located at one end of the house in the basement and everything on the main floor had terrible signal levels.
We had Comcast put the unit in bridge mode and I ran a cat5e to the middle of the main floor and installed a Netgear router there.
For some reason he gets excellent signals now in the whole house, even in the basement.....only thing we can figure is the wireless side of the TG862 is pretty weak. Which is the same problem you are having.