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RR Conductor
NWP RR Inc.,serving NW CA
Redwood Valley, CA

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Re: Happy Birthday America

said by meeeeeeeeee:

We can't WAIT to welcome you back!!!

If you love your country, say so LOUDLY this 4th of July. It's time to send the fascist goons off to where they belong. I believe Mr. Putin might even give us a reasonable rate for them in Siberia.... If you can believe you heard that from me

You do know that your avatar is a blatant misuse of the American Flag?


People ask if it is OK to fly the flag upside down in protest, for example: to protest the economy, an election or against the war. The Flag Code states it should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life or property. It would be quite the stretch to make an argument that any type of political purpose would constitute “dire distress”.


As an Eagle Scout, we were taught proper treatment of the flag, putting a hammer and sickle on it is considered desecration, and unless you or your property are in mortal danger, you have NO right to do so. You speak of fascism and love of country, I think maybe you need to relearn a few things before lecturing the rest of us, like the Tea Bag Party, hypocrisy central.


Newburgh, NY
I would say that loss of freedom and liberty are reason to be in distress.