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[Other] Go to Las Vegas to get MetroPCS BYOD or...

I'm a long-time MetroPCS customer currently using a LG Connect 4G (evidently LTE) getting about 3Mb/3Mb with a signal strength of two out of four bars which is completely acceptable to me, especially for $40.00 per month unlimited.

I just picked up a nearly brand new Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 to replace my LG Connect 4G phone. I'd rather get the replacement done sooner than later while staying within the proper technical confines.

My question is should I put the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Metro PCS Bring Your Own Device program (assuming my Sprint S4 is compatible!?) or simply have someone near me flash the S4 to work on the Metro PCS network?

If the S4 is flashed, will that prohibit it from joining the MetroPCS BYOD program when BYOD comes to my area?

Finally, in my area, Metro PCS has better 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile. Will my S4 be able to use the best signal from either Metro PCS or T-Mobile, or will the S4 be forever married to only T-Mobile towers?

Thanks for your experienced thoughts!!

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Sprint's version of the Galaxy S4(SPH-L720) won't work with MetroPCS in the first place, because it doesn't support the 1700/2100 AWS band.

It won't work with the MetroPCS BYOD program, and it won't work on T-Mobile either.

Nothing to do with flashing or unlocking, it's physically missing the AWS band radio, the hardware isn't compatible.

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reply to metropcsbyod

What area are you in?
MetroPcs may have better LTE coverage but depending on the area, t-mobile will have much much better HSPA+ coverage to fall back onto. (I get 20/3Mb down/up myself usually) So each one has pluses and negatives.
In the end, a metropcs LTE phone will connect to t-mobile native LTE anyway as they shut down and migrate MetroPcs LTE to T-Mobile LTE. (and sooner vs. later. Few areas already done and i know a metropcs LTE phone works fine in chicago via t-mobile LTE.)
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