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[connectivity] Unstable line. How to downgrade stats?

I've tried switching my modem to different modes to varying results:

Mode - SNR downstream (dB) / Attenuation (dB)

G.DMT - 5.9 / 60 -> 1.9 Mbit
ADSL2 - 6.2 / 68 ->2.0 Mbit
RE-ADSL - 6.4 / 71 -> 2.2 Mbit
ADSL2+ - 6.2 / 68 -> 2.0 Mbit

I can connect. I just notice that every 10 seconds the line fails to ping and then reconnects a second later.

You can imagine this very frustrating to play especially for games.

I don't want to walk through the steps that tier 1 script readers and their supervisors do on the phone.

The performance is the same on wired and wireless. Router runs on the latest Toastman Tomato firmware (v1.28.7502).

Modem is a TP-Link 8810, and I have worse/similar results with an older modem (Westell 6100) and the oldest modem (Westell 2200).

They all have this dropping ability every 10 seconds.

Pings to the router are consistent with the wired devices responding to every ping, and the wireless drops one packet out of a few thousand.

When I call the 800 number and explain the above, Verizon wants to install a malware software in order to RDP into my computers to see my setup when they can't read stats.



Did a ping test:


Looks OK aside from high ping and some packet loss from Verizon's end.