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dominican re

billing rejection

It is almost a year on trying to renew my magic jack plus membership, many times I have contacted "alive chat" on the issue but not results.
I have used my Discover to charge the membership, the card don't register the charges although I could print a copy of the bill from mj billing site. I change the card for my Visa, still the same.
When I chat on the online site and go through all the explanation the final answer is that "my account is under investigation". I have print out of the chat sessions. but I don't know what good that will do to me problems.
Any one out there with a suggestion will be appreciated.


Contact your credit card company and see if there have been any suspicious charges made to your accounts recently.

PX Eliezer
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reply to ryvpool
If you are in the Dominican Republic with a Magic Jack they are probably worried that you are allowing people outside your family to use it to make calls to US numbers.

Also, I did not think that Discover Card was issued in the Dominican Republic?

In any event, you could try to start fresh with a new account, or you could use a different company such as Rebtel.


dominican re
reply to ryvpool
Both of my cards, Discover as well as Visa were issue in the state, ( I'm in Dominican Republic temporarily). I made attempt to use the card while in the stale last march and April 2013, spoke with my credit card Bank about the problem but they never received request for the charges.
thanks for previous advice.


Athens, GA
reply to ryvpool
magicJack isn't available for purchase outside the US. Next time you're in the States, do the renewal from there. From what I understand, you have to use a US credit card inside the US to renew. Others may know differently, but that's my understanding.
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