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Lord KiRon


[HELP] SPA112 SIP calls question

I just got SPA112 box and tried it.
As I new to this whole SIP VIOP thing I started with basics.

I updated firmware to the latest (1.3.2) ,signed for FreeVIOPDeals account, entered it's info in Quick Wizard and tried it out.
It worked fine calling to US 3 times free.

Then I added the number to quick dial slot 2 (under User1)and again it worked fine using "2#".

Next thing I wanted to test calling to me.
So I created another account (let's say "user2") on FreeViopDeal , downloaded ther Windows SIP app and was able to call my SPA112 box successfully (it configured with, let's say "user1") by just typing the user name (e.g. "user1") in this software.

Next thing I was about to try is to call from SPA112 ("user1") to this Windows software ("user2").
And here I hit a problem
From reading on the net I figured I need to add the username (of "user2" in my example) to speed dial (let's say slot number 3) and then call using speed dial (3# in my example).
However it does not work.
When I dial 3# nothing happens (2# for "real" number works fine and dials)
I tried just "user2", "user2@freevoipdeal.com" and even "sip:user2@freevoipdeal.com" - nothing works.

I am a bit lost here.
Can someone point me to what I am doing wrong and how I can call other SIP users for free?

Thank you.

SPA112 Install and Upgrade guides

Cisco SB VG and ATA documentation overall

I don't claim any voice expertise overall, but what little I do know (which is enough to cause some damage) is
unless you can get the SPA to "register" to a service, and that service to actually redirect in/out calls accordingly
-- kinda like having an active landline at home but not registered to the local phone company -- the SPA may as
well be a paperweight .

Not sure if any other ppl here who know alot more than I do with voice can help you more.


Lord KiRon

Thank you,
The device did registered with FreeVoipDeal service.
Do you think they do not forward a call by URI?
Their windows app does calls other users...