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Rushville, IL
reply to BillRoland

Re: Watch out

I would say one target will be network management. That can probably be done in house cheaper now. The combined company should be able to get the parts and equipment cheaper than Ericsson is charging Sprint. I hope they bring in some new engineers. No more towers being placed in valleys where the signal only goes a mile or so. Sprint (iPCS at the time) wanted to cover the main highway but all they did was cover a small part of town and a small valley. In town the service is abysmal due to the tower barely being above the trees. They placed another tower on the old highway (changed 20 or so years ago) which is not used much. That tower is about 6 miles from the main road which signal doesn't reach. This was more of someone designing a network based on outdated maps and not actually visiting the areas where they were expanding. Sometimes you actually have to get out and visit an area to understand the needs and the topography. Maps are great, I create them, but they can't recreate site visits.

Hopefully they visit the customer service system. I actually don't have much to complain about except that I wish they would give the employees a bit more leeway to resolve problems. They often have to call someone else to get things authorized. Last time was to have a replacement phone shipped to me. The store is 60+ miles away and that shouldn't have needed any approval. I do enjoy talking with most of the representatives I contact as they are fairly knowledgeable. I may have a vastly different experience since I go through business CS. I hope they do not go to a more automated system when you first call. Some of companies have endless menus to go through before you can speak to anyone. I hate dealing with those companies. Now if they had a system powered by Watson that asked what you are calling about and then routed the call appropriately that would be nice (no number punching).


Rushville, IL
I just wanted to add in how I think the replacement should have been handled. Sir, I see you are more than XX (say 20 miles) from a store. We can ship that to you so you don't have to make a special trip to the store and wait.

They did end up shipping me the phone but it fell apart within a week and had to go to a store anyway. That was a three hour round trip plus 30 min in the store. It then took a 10 days to get the phone in before I could make another trip (three hours) to the store where I waited another 20 minutes for them to get to me than 45 minutes for them to activate the phone. The store experience was a bit frustrating on the fact that I had to make the trip for a defective phone sent to me, had to wait so long for a replacement and that it took so long for the thing to activate. Most of that time was waiting for the contacts to transfer across the network and updating the phone.