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Yahoo POP email error #MBR1213...anyone know a fix?

For the past several weeks, I have been affected by the Yahoo error #MBR1213, which is the email server erroneously reporting an incorrect username or password.

Server Response: -ERR [AUTH] Incorrect username or password. (#MBR1213)

Some things I have noted:

- yes, I am positive the username/password is correct

- this only happens on my primary Rogers email account, none of my secondary accounts are affected

- error occurs on multiple POP clients

- I can temporarily resolve the issue by logging into Webmail, after which POP will work, but only briefly

- error happens with or without SSL enabled

- happens using pop.mail.yahoo.com AND pop.broadband.rogers.com

- people with other ISP who use Yahoo have reported the same issue

I have a ticket in to Rogers support, but while they have acknowledged it as a known issue, I suspect they're limited in what they can do with Yahoo servers.

I have considered promoting another email to primary, but if something were to happen to my existing primary, it would be hard to recover.

If anyone has had this issue and resolved it, I would be grateful to learn how,

oracle ll

I am having exactly the same problem. I can usually fix it by logging out of yahoo and then logging back in using the same password. Then my safari email works for awhile then for reasons that are unclear stops working. Big nuisance, if Yahoo does not fix it soon I am going Gmail or other. I don't like the new Yahoo home page either, very difficult to log into miyahoo!!!!


You need to call Rogers and put in a ticket.



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Yes my name is ***** ******** that is.my email address the.right password it been the same for three years
Expand your moderator at work



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Re: Yahoo POP email error #MBR1213...anyone know a fix?

Here's something to try. Make sure your password has no special characters ( $, !, @, etc). Let me know if that helps.

edit: nope, nevermind


This started happening to me last night. I am unable to do the temporary fix because I refuse to upgrade to the new Yahoo. There are many rules in the privacy policy that I do not agree with.

My android logs in just fine, btw, but that doesn't help me get Thunderbird logged in.


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To what temporary fix do you refer?


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This is a known problem which Yahoo say they are trying to resolve. See this URL with regards to the ongoing problem:-

»help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=con ··· ons=true


It's been going on since at least April, so clearly it's not a high priority, even though it affects several ISPs.

First the brutal server hack which they never admitted, and now this. No faith in Yahoo. Rogers, please find a new email provider.