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Antioch, TN
reply to m3nphls

Re: Awesome

said by m3nphls:

Yea you love it, but don't get your hopes high. I've been selling Sprint for over 5yrs and you know how long I've been lying about their network will get better and upgrades are being made? lol... Whatever pays the bills! if lying customer and get the sale is the end result!.

I'm on Verizon right now (left Sprint when it just got too bad around here, 16Kbps (not even 16KBps, that lowercase b is intentional) was one of my last speed tests. Verizon has gotten a lot slower since I joined them (particularly when the iPhone finally got LTE), but they're still leagues faster than my own Sprint phone was.

I think with Softbank they actually might start to improve though. You have a company willing to spend the money necessary, it's a foreign company that has proven in it's home territory that by investing in the infrastructure, by becoming the best/fastest and trying to stay the fastest, customers will come (and spend more).