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Here come the drums
Conroe, TX
reply to hescominsoon

Re: Awesome

Not here they aren't. There are literally parts of the city where data just has grinded to a halt. Too bad the towers can't link up telepathically or something.

Glendale, AZ
Sprint is upgrading the backhaul. Just in some areas the incumbent backhaul providers are not playing nice. Network vision calls for new backhaul on almost all towers. There are of course some located where it is not feasible to do so. Those are the minority.
Say what you will Network Vision is pretty well thought out. Son may tweak some things but certainly does not have to start from scratch. I bet he will if anything increase the roll out speed as much as possible by the vendors and backhaul carriers.
He is out to shake up the market. He is setting his sights on Verizon and ATT.


said by nonymous:

I bet he will if anything increase the roll out speed as much as possible by the vendors and backhaul carriers.

Agree with you but not sure they can speed up the rollout. Sprint said in Q1 report that the NV rollout schedule is dictated by equipment lead time from vendors, not funding.

Since they are replacing the entire cellsite there are many components that need to be procured and available so isn't as fast as ATT/VZW, who are just _adding_ LTE to existing sites. If they can figure out how to expedite all layers of equipment manufacturing, antennas, cabinets, etc., maybe they can speed it up. They could probably throw more money at adding more contractors to do install but if equipment supply is the bottleneck, that might not do any good. What the extra bucks could do is bump up backhaul to every site maybe. Sounds like they plan to add more sites in rural areas too to go head to head with ATT/VZW.

Glendale, AZ
I know Sprint has very inconsistent speed right now. We went on a short trip and actually had ok speeds. nothing great as did a few test. But enough to keep wife happy on text messaging and facebook. Even took and posted pics of trip and did not take too long. Didnt tell wife speeds were like old bad dsl as she was happy. Keeping her happy as we switched from Verizon is a good thing. We never had a grandfathered unlimited data.
A few places were roaming and would hate to lose them later so if Sprint could at least make sure to keep the roaming coverage they have or replace with their own network that would be good. Also a few places to me would make sense as growing population and many travelers through the area to expand their network.
keep reading certain places you do not build a network but buy it and customers. Certain areas the small carriers have long been bought up by the Verizon and ATT crowd so only option is to build. I want to tell them to get over it and just build out some it will work. They already dropped many Nextel towers adding a few thousand strategically placed towers back is nothing. Plus the 800 will help the coverage in those rural areas making site spacing closer to the big boys.

Independence, OH
reply to nonymous
Sprint has their known tire 1 network they should just be using their known network for backhaul to the cell sites.