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West Coast
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DOTA Beta Over

Launch is eminent, as of today.

said by DOTA 2 :

1. Get Dota 2 on Steam
Visit the Dota 2 Steam page and click the 'Get Dota 2' button. For now, you'll be added to the launch queue, and we'll email you when we are ready for you to come play. The volume of players let in will gradually increase so we can spread the launch load out over time.

2. Sharpen your skills in the New User Experience
Once you're in, you can get a feel for what Dota 2 is all about by playing through the tutorial. After you've mastered some of the basics of the game, we have AI controlled bots for you to battle against, which can be set to a number of different skill levels. You can even grab a group of friends to play against the bots. It's a great way to get started playing Dota 2 and figuring out who will be your first favorite hero.

3. Let the games begin!
Once you are ready to start playing full games via matchmaking, we'll keep an eye on how you're doing and make sure that you're playing against other players of your skill level. There is also a party system, so you and up to four of your friends can all play together on the same team.

More over at »www.dota2.com/thebetaisover and at »store.steampowered.com/app/570/
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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
I gave it an honest shot, but I could not figure it out. LoL is stressful enough in ranked games, I can't deal with DoTA. Imma go cry in a corner now.
Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

For Value Received
If you thought the LoL community was shitty, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Dota 2 raised the bar and then some. I've never met so many elitist assholes in so little time in a video game.


reply to shinjuru
I played a few games of Dota 2. I actually quite enjoyed it - the community didn't seem so bad from what little interaction i had with it.

Usually before the game started I would just say I was new - actually had a few people help me out and encourage me over voice chat.

I'd played Dota quite a lot many years ago, so picking up Dota 2 wasn't so hard, except all the new seemingly OP heroes.

Will probably play around with it every now and then between LoL games.

Apo, AP
reply to TigerLord
I find every community in games such as this are worse than LoL. My opinion of course, but I've met far more helpful and overall nice/calm people in LoL than ever in my DoTA or HoN days. Both of these have had extremely bad experiences with elitest asses that most of the time, I just stay quiet. While I've had my bad experiences in LoL too, they just don't happen as often until you get deeper into ranked play.

On to point, I'll definitely pick this up after work today and work on downloading it and getting ready for release. I enjoy RTS games such as these and I hope DoTA 2 doesn't disappoint by having heros so powerful that they just steamroll the games like in the first edition.

What kind of hero base are they going to have on release? A good selection of like 50ish? I haven't done anything with this yet, so know nothing and just been waiting on release. Websensed at work, so if you can post things out here, that would be most helpful!