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[Other] MikroTik Routers EoIP for OSPF Advice

hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding this feature on mikrotik routers. What I want to know is if I can get to run OSPF using EoIP to allow to firewalls a group of firewalls to make a use of a backup SDSL link I pretend to use to this end.

Mikrotik kinda says that this is a transparent tunneling of ethernet frames over GRE, but I'm not sure if this allows multicasting/broadcasting of whatever OSPF uses.

The thing is that the client has a "highly heterogeneous" firewall/router scenario, with lot of different brands, and seems like the least expensive and simple way to add a backup link is allowing OSPF on more than one interface.

any thoughs are welcome.
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Network setups with EoIP interfaces:
    Possibility to bridge LANs over the Internet
    Possibility to bridge LANs over encrypted tunnels
    Possibility to bridge LANs over 802.11b 'ad-hoc' wireless networks 

Source here

So I guess the two things off the top of my head are :

a) does anything else within your network talk EOIP other than the Mikrotek?

b) are you doing anything that would fit into the above scenarios?

Probably going to get crucified by routing experts here, but IIRC OSPF multicasts to the / .6 addresses.

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yep, you're right on the multicast part. When using ospf on a broadcast capable link, like ethernet, I believe you dont have to do anything special to make it work, however on ptp links like ppp serial links I believe there's a few commands more to issue, nothing extremely complicated.

that's why I want to try EoIP; to combine the posibility to use a slower link, but faster than frame relay or other "business" grade connection tech, like SDSL or ADSL with the simplicity of ethernet.
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