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Valrico, FL

[Tampa] Phone Breaking UP

My first post. Please excuse me if I am not posting appropriately.

Referring about BHN Digital phone service…..I have have the same annoying issue of "phone breaking up" several others have posted about. I have all service from BHN, Cable, Internet and Phone. For the past month or so, we have people we are speaking to saying you are breaking up or we saying that to them. I have not yet called Brighthouse for service. I have two phone lines and it occurs on both. One line is for home use, the other if for business. The home phones are wireless and the business is hard wired. My wife uses the business line to make reservations for United Airlines and she has been complaining to me about this problem as it's affecting the customer base. She uses the phone from 6:00pm set to 10:00pm. It is quite a random problem and may affect 10% of calls and then only for perhaps 10-20 seconds and goes away.

I have the Ubee DVW3201B. I have experienced some slowness on the internet with pages loading, especially when first accessing a web site. However, I don't know if that is related to the "phone breaking up" issue which is my more important problem at the moment.

I will be calling for service tomorrow morning. Any thoughts or ideas on this I can relay to BHN to help correct the problem would be appreciated.


BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Don you did good and welcome. In order for me to start the process of fixing this however I need you to post here »Bright House Networks Direct and include your modem MAC address so I can take a look at your equipment.