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Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ

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reply to Bob99

Re: New firmware version for REV I router: 40.20.7

said by Bob99:

I have auto check disabled, but the upgrades still get pushed to my router.

I'm not sure if this is the case for me since I'm on Comcast and this is a customer owned router. Regarding all the remote management features on these routers through the TR-069 function, I have a few questions:

It has been said that Verizon is able to fix and adjust settings, push firmware updates, and restart these routers remotely, but does this only apply to Verizon branded MI424WR routers Verizon loans to their FiOS customers, or does it also apply for Verizon branded MI424WR routers that FiOS customers have purchased and outright own? For example, with a cable provider, a customer can either rent a cable modem, or purchase their own from a retail store and activate it to their account via MAC address and serial number. The cable provider is able to push their compatible firmware version to the customer owned cable modem, and they have full diagnostic access into that same customer owned modem, treating it exactly the same way they do with their rented cable provider branded modems. So I'm just curious if that is the same case here regarding the routers.

I'm always up for a good chat and helping with tech problems.