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Bless you Howie

Request: Mexican food in CT, is there ANY decent place?

Well, I was hoping I'd get taken to a Mexican or Vietnamese place for my birthday, after all, it's double nickles for me! Sadly, no one in my family will eat such food except one sister. The hubbies are big babies about Mexican food, in fact, anything if it isn't Italian, that's all they'll eat, Italian or American. Give them a some grilled steak and they are fine, serve it inside a tortilla and they'll whine and sob. No, really they'll whine endlessly.

Thing is, I've lived in TX, NM, AZ, and CA for years and years so I miss my adopted heritage. I miss Mexican and Salvadoran food. But I also miss Vietnamese and Thai food as well. I love CT, but this isn't the melting pot that, say, CA is, and I miss that that and the food, as much as it is very good to be home sweet home.

Now, warning, if any of you want to turn this into a CT bashing thread, or politics, just will say it once: don't do it, it's my birthday and I don't want to hear it, so please have some respect...

Can any of you point out a legitmately decent Mexican joint? I've been to three that weren't very good in the Western CT area, in fact, they were all awful. I'd love to have some Mole or Carnitas and some really good salsa verde!
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Poor Impulse Control
Middletown, CT
Went her with the wife a few months ago. It was very good.


Attractive like a magnet
Windsor, CT
reply to signmeuptoo
Lately I've been going here, its right off the King Street/rt 5 Exit I-91.

There's another place in Granby, but it's gone down hill a little, but its still not bad.

Windsor, Home of the Decorative Zamboni

Bless you Howie
Thanks guys, I'll check them out!

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
reply to signmeuptoo
The last good one I ate in was in a little town in southeast Illinois. It was run by two Mexican fellows who were recent arrivals and spoke very little English. I haven't heard of or seen any anywhere in CT that are remotely authentic. There was one in the Middletown area a few years back that was passable, but I'm reasonably sure that's gone. At any rate, it's not in your part of CT.

There are a couple of OK Thai places and at least one Vietnamese place in this area. If you want to venture this far afield, let me know and I'll hunt for the names and some other info.

EDIT: now that I've updated the thread, I see you have a couple of suggestions.

FWIW I prefer Indian, or my own homemade pseudo-Italian. The guys you're complaining about had better stay out of Philadelphia. I hear they wrap steak in funny things down there as well.

Glendale, AZ
reply to signmeuptoo
Need some green chile to share when in season. Split a bag shipped with relatives or friends.