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[ALL] Worst Case Scenario $300 Dollars Later

I just still dont seem to fully understand how this works. I been getting internet from well I dont want to say exactly how many 3rd party providers but the results keep being the same.

People want nothing to do with me. I dont know if there scared of the house or me or whats going on but it seems I've scared all the big boys away.

What have I done that warrants my internet being shut off every time I getted hooked up?

I dont download anything illegal but I do use torrents allot. Theres nothing illegal about torrents but sure they saturate the line a bit a guess but I try to be reasonable from 2am to 8am type of thing.

But they keep sending differnt people out to check the " Demarc_ location box " ? This cost 100 dollars every time this happens and they never seem to find anything wrong.

The lines have been getting better and better in the area up until today and SLAM! nearly all my upstream is gone and there it is showing me exactly how this is happening on my router.

The same pop up box. No internet just this warning I need to get past a screen to get internet.

I typing this out from my neighbour which is on the VDSL which is still not available here. People are going crazy on the other end of that is seems so I dont need the high speeds I just want basic cable and internet not the fast VDSL thats too much money.

Any way I was wondering how do you get on the plan for the new cable packages?

I still dont know enough other than I been pretty much either spied on or harrased by everyone and there dog every time I get internet. I guess they just cant resist for some reason. I dont know what this internet is all about anyway it seems over rated.


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I'll bite.........

Might you have a picture or screen shot of the popup? And what ISP are you on?

If its not a scumbag ISP popup then......
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With Torrents you need to 'not saturate' your upload which can kill your connection. Go into your torrent client settings and set a maximum upload that is half or quarter your maximum upload speed.
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The demarc is the hard line where responsibility starts and ends.

Basically everything from your ISP to the demarc is the ISPs responsibility. Like if a pole got knocked down. Not your fault.

Everything from the demarc/NID/NIB if your responsibility. ie inside wiring. So if everything tests good at the demarc, then you have to get your ISW fixed. But if there's something wonky at the demarc, your ISP has to work backwards towards the port to find out the issue with the line/port/cable pair etc.

Bandwidth wouldn't have anything to do with your demarcation point.
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can you please describe the pop-up box and give us a screenshot ?



OP will surely deliver.