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Burbank, CA

[HSI] What is the BEST DOC 3 Cable Modem right now?

I previously had a SB6121 (owned) but it died out on me - and if I were to lease a modem from Charter, my monthly price would increase +$10....so that's not an option for me. I would rather buy a modem outright.

I've heard that the SB6141 (White Version) is highly rated....but is it supported by Charter?

I need a recommendation for a DOCSIS 3 cable modem to use with 30/4 HSI service.

Please advice. Thank you.

Grants Pass, OR
I have the SB6141 white version and it has been great. Yes its supported by Charter.


Belleville, IL
reply to left4dead
I bought a white SB6141 from Amazon. Went to www.install.charter.net with the new MAC address and the MAC from the old modem...modem rebooted and I've been up and running last two months. I moved from a SB6121 in anticipation of 8 channel bonding. I have a solid connection on my 100/5 connection.


Belleville, IL
I mistyped...it was install.charter.com


East Saint Louis, IL
reply to left4dead
My SB6121 has a dead LED for the connection to the router. If I unplug the modem power for a few minutes, the LED starts working, then it quits after a few minutes again. I am holding off on any replacement until my contract is over in September. Then I am going to be forced onto a $54.99 plan, so I will make them provide a new one. My friend did this and they sent him a Cisco unit that I think will do 8 channel. I think it is a DPC3008. Since it has LED colors that show the bonding, I find it acceptable.

Double OH 7

reply to left4dead
I wanted a SB6121... Charter gave me a Cisco DPC3008 instead...

I have no complaints, it appears to be running pretty good. Haven't had any issues.


Burbank, CA

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reply to left4dead
Had a Charter service call today because a stupid squirrel was chewing on the cable line at the pole and it was disconnecting my HSI service. The tech replaced my old modem with a new Cisco DPC3008 modem. He said that this is the latest and greatest Charter-issued modem in my area.

Wanted to purchase my own SB6141 but he said that Charter are no longer activating customer-owned modems.

No worries since I'm not paying a fee for their modem. But does anyone know if the Cisco DPC3008 are any good or should I call them and request a different/better modem?


Monroe, MI
The DPC3008 is just fine. I wouldn't say there's one modem that's vastly better than another.

If you are on the old pricing scheme, then you can still use a purchased modem. If you've converted to the new pricing, then you must use the modem provided.