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[Cable] Lost cable connection last night on montreal south shore

Was hoping it would be back when going back from work but it's not.

All modem light on, data flashing but can't get an ip.

Been waiting on the phone for 35-40 min, no answer.

TSI Jonathan

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Re: [Cable] Lost cable connection last night on montreal south s

Hi Sylvainp

We were advised that our vendor is having issues regarding all Wholesalers.

Their servers are giving a incorrect DNS Server instead of ours, to any, but not all Wholesale Customers. There is a master ticket open with them to rectify the issue hopefully shortly.

The quick fix is I simply put our DNS Servers (Primary:, Secondary : into your modem/router for now.

Can you give that a try and see if that fixes your connection?

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Thank you,

TSI Jonathan
E-Services Team Leader
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.


I finally talked to someone and she made me unplug the modem for 3 minutes.

On direct connection it's was somewhat functional (can ping and reload some pages) but erratic.

Router didn't like it so tried your dns and it's now functional.

Ill leave the static dns in place since I've been have lots of connection troubles recently and see if it help.