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Mulberry, FL

Verizon Edge

So let me get this straight with verizon's plan. If you buy your phone on the new edge plan, your being charged for the full price of the phone in installments BUT your monthly charges stay the same? Even though the monthly charges have the subsidy built into it, so they're charging people basically double for their phones....and no one is questioning this at all?

Sorry but if you're no longer under contract, aka your phone is payed off entirely, your monthly bill should go down by between $20 and $40/month because under contract, you were still paying off the subsidized price of the phone.

Lets Go

Homer, NY
Well now your just making sense.... We will have none of that....

RIP goose
Rochester, NY
reply to kevnich24
I think you got it figured out about right. They are trying to entice early adopters to upgrade more often by eliminating the ETFs. When they buy the phone outright Verizon makes more by not adjusting the monthly fees.

I see the smart shopper buying the bleeding edge user's old phone when they upgrade. This way they can stay fairly current without breaking the bank and not having to deal with commitments/ETFs.

BTW, Karl has an article about this on the news page.

Body Count

Columbus, OH
reply to kevnich24
Verizon and AT&T both keep charging the same rate after your two year contract is up. T-Mobile will lower your price. Not sure on Sprint.

Basically all the guys on Verizon who are keeping their grandfathered unlimited plan thinking they are paying $30 a month for unlimited are fooling themselves. They are actually paying more because Verizon charges the same rate even if you don't have a contact with them.

If you like Verizon and plan on sticking with them then the smart thing to do is to make sure you always upgrade your phone every 2 years and don't wait. Or else you're screwing yourself over and paying Verizon extra money.