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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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reply to justin

Regarding topics or posts per page :

Preamble :

I never did enjoy scrolling, even BEFORE the Internet began.

Scrolling mouses made this more tolerable, and wide profile (aka less tall) screens made it worse.

Windows 7 also took some of our usable page area away with its tall blank top borders.

I never bothered to change the topic/posts per page settings away from the defaults in all of the time I have participated here, so that was my frame of reference for DSLR/BBR forums.

Recent Observations :

A few days after the server migration at DSLR, I began to notice some changes, and posted about them here :
»New Forum Page Settings on DSLR

Next, I read about the current thread and reviewed my settings, and they were still at 'defaults'.

What I noticed in changes was that if left at default, and while logged in, posts per topic page went from 20 previously to 30 now, and topics per forum header page went from 30 or more previously, down to 20 now.

I never view the forums while logged out, so what happens then ? - Not important to me.

Opinions :

Pro : Having only 20 topics per forum header page now just happens to fit my screen, a 4x3 profile flat panel running at 1280x1024 res, WITHOUT scrolling !

Topics fall off the first page sooner, but I think I can live with that.

Con : Having a different number of posts per topic page irks me, as I often remembered on what page a post was located when looking for it. - Also, more scrolling is needed if 30 posts per page rather than 20.

Long-winded posters such as myself only serve to exascerbate this issue.

Also, I save topic pages offline sometimes, and any changes there upsets my page-numbering arrangement.

Workaround(s) :

What will work for ME (though YMMV) is now setting to override the defaults to 20 in the settings.

This gives me back my familiar 20 posts per topic page, and gives the newly observed 20 topics per forum header page as well (as the 2 settings are tied in one pulldown menu), and I think that I'll be OK with that.

Suggestion(s) :

Make the above-mentioned configurable settings for the forum and topic pages independently adjustable.

Other folks may feel that they need this change moreso than myself.

Thanks for reading.

We have only 2 things about which to worry :
(1) That things may never get back to normal
(2) That they already HAVE !

..needs sleep

Re: Something changed, and if it isn't a bug, I don't/do like it

I made a switch from the mouse to the apple touch pad and wow I should have done this when they first came out. Gestures rock. The pad loses little if anything to the mouse in accuracy but is much nicer. No more mice, sorry Mitchell and Webb:


posted about them "here" is where?