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Webster, NY

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[TWC] Dear TWC...please reach an agreement with Fox Sports 1

One of my favorite (on race weekends) channels is Speed Channel and on 8/17 it is being transformed into Fox Sports 1. Like it or not, Fox Sports 1 is eventually going to become a powerful force in the sports world. As an auto racing fan, I just hope that some of the coverage of the sport will continue and I do believe that it will.

Of course this makes sense to do this. The junk that is on Speed during the week is not worth watching. I pay attention to the racing coverage that begins on Friday and through the weekend. For sure, major league baseball, college football and eventually I think a few NFL games on this channel will generate more revenue for Fox than what is on the network now.

Negotiations are underway. Fox wants a lot more money...Time Warner is not biting. DirecTV is not also. I do hope that some sort of agreement is reached by 8/17. I do think that Fox has to be reasonable about what they are asking to be paid. But I do believe that to turn off this network would be a huge mistake also.

Steve Mehs
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Fox Sports 1 BETTER be in the line up! From what I remember reading, I guess FS1 and FS2 could be carried until the existing contracts that cover Fuel and Speed until those contracts run out. The other thing that was mentioned was that special canned feeds of Speed and Fuel could be carried in lieu of the new channels which would suck. As a huge fan of Fox Sports and their content, I will be steaming if I miss so much as one UFC Prelim.

As far as Fox Sports competing head to head with ESPN, I have my doubts they can compete with the talent ESPN has, but they should be able to outdo them with live sports though. SportsCenter is iconic and Fox Sports Live will not be able to compete. I haven’t done the research who will be on the new channel, but Fox will need some big names to compete against well-established hosts like Mike & Mike and Colin Cowherd. I really wish Fox would have went after Jim Rome again when he left ESPN, but since Fox doesn’t have ties with any premium outlets, there would be no equivalent to Jim Rome on Showtime, which is by far the best hour of sports commentary on TV.

I don’t think FS1 will see any live NFL games, unless they outbid either NBC or ESPN for SNF or MNF. When the NFL is on a cable channel, it has typically been in primetime, has been the only game at that time and it’s usually a marquee matchup. I don’t see Fox taking one of the regional games they’d normally televise on a Sunday Afternoon and push it on FS1, and I don’t think the NFL would allow that anyhow. So the only way to get the NFL on the new channel would be SNF or MNF. Because the NFL sure as hell wouldn’t give up Thursdays on their own network and with it being pretty much illegal to play (or at least televise) pro football on Friday and Saturday nights for the majority of the season, we’re running out of days of the week for football. Tuesday Night Football? Wednesday Night Football?

I think both Time Warner and DirecTV will come to agreement with News Corp before the launch, well DirecTV will at least. The way Fox has been hyping this Network, there is no way they’d let 35 million people not have access to it on launch day. Dish just hates sports so I don’t see them getting the channel even if Fox was asked half the rate they want.



Steve, I think TWC will negotiate, and that Fox Sports 2 HD will be included in the deal, and launch with it. Fox Sports 1 is going to be a big thing, and it's going to be unacceptable to not have it.

Webster, NY
reply to Racerbob

I am interested in NASCAR and I wish to see the conclusion of the current Truck Series season. Since Speed has exclusive rights to show those events live, a good number of subscribers will miss seeing these races. I also enjoy watching other racing coverage on the weekends such as Dave Despain's show "Wind Tunnel". I wonder if there is room on this new network to carry at least some of the racing that they now do.

As far as the channel going dark on 8/17 ? Yes, I have read that since there is a name change and content change that yes indeed the channel will not be shown anymore on TWC if no agreement is reached.


"One unanswered question is what will happen if a distributor fails to reach an agreement for FS1. Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Dish Network have contracts that call for carriage of a Fox-produced motorsports channel. If Fox simply goes dark, it could be in violation of those deals, sources said.

It’s not clear what Fox will provide distributors that don’t cut FS1 deals but still have contracts to carry Speed. Distributors say they’ve been told that one option is that Fox will provide a watered-down motorsports channel that would run in place of Speed, possibly even keeping the Speed name. There’s precedence for such a move: When Fox switched Fox Reality Channel into NatGeo Wild last year, it provided a several-hour loop of reality programming for the distributors that did not sign deals for NatGeo Wild."