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Ontario, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to houkouonchi

Re: 500/100 Package available.

LOL. Took 15 minutes on chat to find out how much it would cost on residential. It old the guy multiple times I just wanted to know how much it cost:

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.
Agent Arron has joined. (16:33:48)
Arron : Chat ID for this session is 07211374823. (16:33:48)
Arron(16:33:48): Welcome to Verizon Online Sales Support! Thank you for choosing Verizon. I would be happy to assist you today.

For quality and security purposes, your session is recorded and may be monitored or reviewed. Please do not provide sensitive information such as social security, bank account or credit card numbers to the chat agent. May we view your selections and/or account information, including any services you subscribe to, which are displayed to your on verizon.com, so that we may assist you with respect to available Verizon products and services? Under federal law, it is your right and our duty to protect your account information. May I have your permission?
Arron(16:34:09): Hello! How may I assist you?
You(16:34:18): I was trying to find out what the cost was of your 500/100 package but it doesnt list it in options that are available to me
Arron(16:35:03): Thank you for the information.
Arron(16:35:13): Could you please provide me your full address to check the availability for you?
Arron(16:35:55): Please give me few moments to check the availability for you.
Arron(16:36:26): I am getting two options could you please confirm the correct address?
You(16:36:30): I can get 300/65 so I dont see why 500/100 would not be available I am guessing your system has not been updated yet? I see on the small business page its $364.99 but I was curious about what the cost was on residential?
You(16:36:44): the unit 1 address is something VZ setup which never got setup right. its the one without the unit
Arron(16:37:35): Should you I select the Unit 1 address?
You(16:37:45): no chose the one without the unit
You(16:37:57): unit 1 doesnt even have an ONT associated with it
Arron(16:38:23): Thank you for the information.
Arron(16:39:23): The address is showing the services. Could you please confirm which services you have with Verizon?
You(16:40:13): I currently have small business FIOS internet (two connections). I am just trying to find out how much the residential 500/100 is
Arron(16:41:19): Great! let me assist you with a link to log into your account and I will navigate you to find the options.
Arron(16:41:24): WIll it be good?
You(16:41:38): I don't have residential services though
You(16:41:55): and it doesnt list it if I try to create an order for new service. Like I said I just want to know what the price for the resideitnal 500/100 package is
Arron(16:42:36): Could you please let me know are you looking to order the new services at the same address?
You(16:43:05): I have no clue if I would order it or not. I first just need to know how much it would cost. Yes it would be at this address if I did
Arron(16:45:02): As the address is already showing the services I wll not be able to check the availability for the 500/100Mbps plan. Let me assist you with a number to call and check the options.
You(16:45:26): Can you not atleast give me the cost? for anywhere?
You(16:45:34): 95% of fios markets are the same pricing
You(16:46:10): Also I dont see why it matters if I have services. I have 4 data ports on mY ONT
Arron(16:46:14): I will be able to give you the Price.
You(16:46:14): I could add additional services
You(16:46:29): I already have two 150/65 circuits right now
Arron(16:47:02): The price will be $299.99/mo. for the 500/100Mbps plan if the plans is available at your location you will be able to get it.
You(16:47:16): ok thank you. that is all I needed to know.
Arron(16:47:21): Would you like to try for the second address you have ?
You(16:47:38): that address is something VZ setup trying to migrate my dual ONT to a sub-address
You(16:47:48): which was never done properly and instead they just switched me to an ONT with 4 data ports
You(16:47:54): anyway thats all I wanted to know. thanks for the assistance.
Your session is now closed.
Welcome to Verizon Live Chat

So it was how much I expected $299.
300/150 mbit Bonded Verizon FiOS connection FTW!


1 recommendation

Someone needs to make a demotivational poster

"I upgraded my internet speed to 500/100

And I STILL can't watch a SD (Youtube/Netflix) video"


North Tonawanda, NY
·Verizon Online DSL
·Frontier Communi..
reply to houkouonchi
Neat news. I wonder if the lower tiers are going to be boosted up now that this 500M tier is starting to show up. It'd be nice, though, if the price were a bit more in line with places like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Sweden, etc for price per megabit, though.