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Grover, NC
reply to mareastrum

Re: copper with u-verse?

I've been using an independent VOIP with cable internet. When my neighbor lost POTS but still had DSL, I plugged in my ATA over there and it worked fine.

I've read that only 5% of u-verse customers get FTTP (fiber to the premises). The rest get FTTN (fiber to the node) or ADSL2+. I've read that the latency for FTTN is likely to be 25-95ms. I wonder if that could jam up some VOIP systems.

I'll probably be getting ADSL2+, the same thing I got as a DSL subscriber, marketed under a new brand.

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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC
said by handlebar:

I'll probably be getting ADSL2+, the same thing I got as a DSL subscriber, marketed under a new brand.

AT&T Southeast (legacy Bellsouth), unlike legacy SBC (13 states outside of Southeast), deployed a fair amount of ADSL2+/ATM/PPPoE. U-verse from a CO will likely be ADSL2+/PTM/802.1x.
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Grover, NC
Thanks. After I wrote "the same thing," I realized I wouldn't need a new modem if that were true.

I don't mind DSL technology, but I would have hesitated if I'd known my service would be over AT&T copper. I've had trouble ever since they took over Bellsouth. I was on dialup, and suddenly my modem began kicking down as low as 28.8 after a few minutes on line. It happened consistently. It had never happened in 10 years with Bellsouth. My modem and home wiring were fine. AT&T was pushing DSL and I had no choice. After years at 768k as advertised, I was jumped to 6M. I figured it was marketing; when they cut me back to 768, I'd be so impatient that I'd pay for a higher tier. When they cut me back, they cut me to 680k. It was consistent, not as if there was a bad line. I figured they were harassing me so I'd pay for a higher tier and they could again give me less than agreed.

One morning, POTS was very noisy and DSL was intermittent. I reported it, and the robot said it would be fixed within 24 hours. An hour later, I called to say I'd lost service. The robot scolded me for calling back and now said it would take a week. When the repairman finally came, he said my line had broken in two places along the decrepit trunk line.

I quit AT&T. The representative scolded me, telling me I had nothing to complain about because they weren't going to bill me for the week I was without phone or internet.