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Brooklyn, NY

[OOL] [NY] Upstream stops, downstream continues uninterrupted?

Over the past month and a half or so, I've made a few calls to optimum tech support about this. I've been told they don't see an issue on all three occasions, and I've had them send someone out here to fix the line (he couldn't find anything wrong), and I still have the issues.

I experience the issue during all configurations of:
- PC directly connected to modem
- PC connected to router connected to modem
- laptop connected directly to modem
- laptop connected to router to modem
- cell phone connected to router
- Restarting modem and router between all configurations

I can see exactly what is happening when the problem occurs. In a game I play, some of you may be aware of, called Quake, we have the option to show a Ping Graph in the corner of the screen when we play - this shows any connection issues with upstream and downstream, separately.

When the upstream drops - the upper part of the graph fills with yellow and displays "999" (ping). The lower shows a thin blue line, indicating the downstream is perfectly fine. When I get this hiccup - it lasts anywhere between 8 and 20 seconds. I cannot move my in-game player (he's frozen in place) because my PC cannot tell the game server that I am moving - because the upstream went down. However, I can see all the other players moving around and shooting me (downstream) which is quite frustrating. While frozen, I've alt+tabbed to my desktop and opened up cmd/run and tried to ping google.com and get 100% packet loss.

The issue with troubleshooting this is, i'm not able to replicate the problem. It just happens randomly throughout the day - SEVERAL times a day (usually once or twice an hour, sometimes even around 10 times an hour depending on how much the world hates me). It affects my gaming, my web browsing, my video watching, and most importantly, my secondary income which was livestreaming as a partner on TwitchTV, which I have since quit due to the problems OOL has not been able to fix (they can't find the cause).

Before the tier upgrade I had Boost+ service (it was the only option I could financially utilize for livestreaming to TwitchTV properly. Having been on honeymoon the past week and busy with wedding prior to that, I haven't been able to monitor the tier upgrade and my connection. But today, I am deeply saddened to bring these following statistics to light:

From: »www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ [java-based test]
Results: 45.66 Mbps download /// 1.90 Upload

From: »www.speedtest.net

I honestly don't know where to go from here... Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated. I would like to start earning some secondary income once again, but until this problem is fixed, I am a sitting duck. I can't even play games or browse properly.

Modem: Arris TM822



Re: [OOL] [NY] Upstream stops, downstream continues uninterrupte

had a similar problem,but everytime last only few seconds, for few days, fixed itself, upload speed no affect when it's not happenning

i was playing game, can heard teammates but i can't move, then i start few pings when play game, when it happens, can ping router,modem, but not OOL gateway


Brooklyn, NY
reply to Xog

Had a wonderful chat with tech support. Finally had some answers this time, and should be fixed by Friday evening.

said by Xog:

Elizabeth : Hi, my name is Elizabeth . How may I help you?
Xog: Hi, I've been having service disruptions for about 2 months. Are you there?
Elizabeth : I am truly sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with service interruptions. I will be more than happy to assist you from here.
Elizabeth : Xog, I am having difficulty finding your account. Do you have an alternate telephone number that I could try? I can also take your account number.
Xog: (phone #) is my phone number, let me get the account number.
Xog: (account number)
Elizabeth : OK, I think it's under a different name. One moment.
Xog: my wife's phone number might be on the account, (phone number)
Xog: (name)
Elizabeth : Thank you so much.
Elizabeth : Do you lose TV service as well?
Xog: No, this is strictly internet related.
Elizabeth : I am going to run some tests on the modem from my end; it may take a minute or two for them to finish. Can you please hold with me while I wait for them to complete, Xog?
Xog: yes
Elizabeth : Is this wired and wireless Internet that is lost?
Elizabeth : I see the modem was reset about 5 minutes ago.
Xog: yes, both. I've lost service probably over 100 times, and I've been connected directly to the modem for testing in the past.
Xog: yes, i came home and internet was dropping every couple minutes
Elizabeth : OK, I'm still running a test. I'm almost done.
Elizabeth : I have ran a few tests on your signal from my end and I see you are receiving a weak signal to your modem.
Xog: Thank heavens a sign - I've had a tech come out and made a few phone calls and nobody could figure it out.
Elizabeth : It's actually looking like it may be external.
Elizabeth : I would suggest that we send someone out there to take a look at this for you.
Xog: Do they need access inside my home?
Elizabeth : I've already setup an engineering ticket for out outside engineers.
Elizabeth : Yes, I'm seeing a failure at the home as well.
Xog: Could that just be due to the outside issue?
Elizabeth : It's possible.
Elizabeth : If you'd rather not have someone come out we can play this by ear.
Xog: I don't mind playing tag.
Xog: Once the issue outside is fixed I'll call in if there's still an issue here.
Elizabeth : If you don't see improvement by Friday at this time then we'd have to send a tech to the residence. I however, am at this time, recommending that we schedule it.
Xog: We are hardly home and it would be difficult to schedule someone to enter the home.
Elizabeth : OK, that is understandable.
Elizabeth : The outside work may in fact do the trick.
Xog: That's good to hear, and I've been following the updates on the tier system. I understand Boost+ has been grandfather'd in to the Ultra101 package?
Elizabeth : Yes, you have a great package. I would hold onto that. Standard pricing is $55 for that above Basic Optimum Online.
Xog: Yes, I've received a few calls to change, I firmly stand with my package
Elizabeth : Great!
Xog: Thank you for your help
Elizabeth : My pleasure!
Elizabeth : Have I answered all your questions and addressed your concerns during our chat, Xog?
Xog: Is there anything else you need to know?
Elizabeth : No Xog, that would be all.
Xog: Alright then, all my questions have been answered. Have a great night.
Elizabeth : Thank you for choosing Optimum. Have a great evening!
Elizabeth : Thanks!
Elizabeth has disconnected.