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[Connectivity] eol.comcast.net BS time!

Internet was out this morning, any webpage requests were getting redirected to eol.comcast.net

Checked my comcast account at lunch and under "My Devices" is listed a cable modem that we had years ago, I sold even it on ebay awhile ago.

Apparently this is the source of the redirects. Somehow my information got reset to an old modem that I have not used for several years.

Anyone know if I can get this fixed without having to waste an hour+ of my life on phone with tech support later this evening?

Fort Lauderdale, FL
You should be able to self authorize your modem, either thru the walled garden or by calling support and following the menus in the internet service section.


Ah great, I'll try that. I'm not sure why it is redirecting to eol.comcast.net instead of a page that allows me to reset the info to my modem. I would think it should just show up like I have a new one. I suppose that means I will go through the menus over the phone. Hopefully I can do it without having to chat with someone. Generally nice folks, but I'd much rather just do it without having to hold for x amount of time and deal with tech support.

Anyway, it seems I'm not the only one with this issue:


Snohomish, WA
Their bumping up their efforts to get people to upgrade.
Unfortunately even if you previously upgraded, on of the DB's MAY still show your old modem on your account unless it was specifically deleted and it's triggering the walled garden even if it's not your current modem.
A glitch in what should otherwise be good news in progress towards an all D3 network (greater overall efficientcy and more bondable upstream channels are ahead)

Mechanicsville, VA
reply to jenkybits
Is it a current modem or an old one? By the host name I would be inclined to think that the modem is old and the "eol" in the hostname stands for "End of Life".

Just a thought..


reply to jenkybits
Well, automated attempt failed, but good news is I got through to a very friendly tech support person without having to hold! I thought that never happened!

Anyway, he just had to manually change the information from the old modem (Motorola SB5101) I had from years ago to the one I am currently and have been using (Zoom 5431). Relatively painless and now I'm back online.

Thanks for the help!

Mount Laurel, NJ
reply to jenkybits
I've been on hold for over an hour. Luckily, I know my neighbors wifi password and I'm able to chat with support. Still no resolution yet...


Sorry about your luck...Maybe I should play the lottery tomorrow

It did seem like the tech I talked too knew what the issue was as soon as I explained it to him, so he was probably familiar with the procedure.