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Tuscaloosa, AL

They ought to do something better right now

A month or so ago, I was having some connectivity issues with U-verse, so the tech ripped out all my coax and replaced it with Cat5. Once he did that, my total capacity went from 32Mbs with lots of errors to 48Mbs with no errors. He mentioned that he's seen folks very close to the VRAD do even better, although I can't recall the numbers he quoted. His thought was that AT&T could ramp up the speed somewhat right now, without using a second line, if they wanted to, but, for whatever reason, they haven't. Now, I know that, even with 32 Mbs, you're only getting 24 because you have to leave room for TV, but, with 48, you'd have a little more wiggle room in terms of offering something better. Or you could offer more HD streams.

Or what about being able to allocate data dynamically between TV and Internet? Does AT&T's setup allow for higher data throughput if you aren't pulling TV data at the time? Of course, I'm sure they wouldn't want to do that, since it would confuse some people, plus it'd show them that the TV signal they get is all just a bunch of bits, so they might then start to think that they could get their TV service somewhere else...Aereo...cough, cough.