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Mary Esther, FL

Cisco Equipment

I'm really enjoying the picture quality (WSRE still looks compressed as hell, really wish you would fix that)
HSN is still an analog c-band feed that looks terrible (I do watch the electronic shows)

Why doesn't the new equipment auto detect the proper aspect ratio? I am tired of seeing it stuck on 1080 all the time Not all the channels are in HD (sad to say)

You would think by now cisco's chinese based engineers would be smart enough to put in an auto detect so shows are shown in their proper context.

However, when watching an HD channel the picture does look wonderful. Watching Friday the 13th, the 3D one, it almost did look like it was in 3D it was so sharp.

Another problem is, there's no group deletion of shows and no telling when a recorded show was new. I had a hell of a time finding Bar Rescue's new episode.

Any ides on when these small issues will be fixed?

BTW, the $75.00 fee is nonsense. I could have installed it myself. Was shocked he didn't use networking cable. I didn't pay it because it got transferred to my name.

On a 1-5 scale I'll have to give it a 3, Cox really needs to offer this across the board. I couldn't stand the silver box anymore. What a difference!




I keep the box on 1080 then hit the HD Zoom button IF I ever decide to watch anything in SD. This will stretch the entire screen if you are interested in filling the entire screen size.

When conducting a search with the guide for your shows the latest episodes will say NEW in the far right window description towards the bottom.
The group deletion of shows is under DVR List/Series Manager/"name of series"/Delete Series Programs. If you are looking for a mass deletion of several different shows at the same time I do not believe that is available.

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Phoenix, AZ
reply to Rob_

I agree with you on the new flag on shows.
shows that ive watched 2 and 3 times are still coming up as new.
i'm missing true new shows because im recording these repeats 2 and 3x.
what they're doing now is flagging as new and giving no program description so you record only to find when you sit down to watch "hey! ive seen this ep twice already"

examples are lizard lick towing and south beach tow on "truTV"
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Mesa, AZ
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·Cox HSI
reply to Rob_

Cisco is notorious for making shoddy consumer grade equipment. Their enterprise grade networking gear and datacenter equipment is pretty damn good, but they fail horribly at everything else. They ruined the linksys brand, and their cable boxes are notoriously crappy. This is one reason why cox TV service sucks - they pick the worst companies to buy from. Scientific atlanta is also horrible - the UI designers alone should be round up and shot.

Ocala, FL
·Cox HSI

said by Rakeesh:

Scientific atlanta is also horrible - the UI designers alone should be round up and shot.

Cisco purchased Scientific Atlanta some time ago, the Cisco boxes are largely rebranded SA boxes.

West Warwick, RI

The 3 differences I have found are:

1. Cisco(SA) generally uses passive cooling when Motorola had fans in a lot of their boxes.
2. The utter lack of EMI shielding, especially around the tuner. Notice the Motorola has the metal sheathing over it.
3. Cisco seems to use a different middleware between its firmware and Trio software. I think this has caused a lot of the bugs in the whole home line. JMHO though.

Here are two pictures of the inside of boxes so you can see for yourself. Found them with a quick google search, but if someone can provide better, please do so.





1 major improvement for the new Cisco boxes is the power supply has been taken out of the boxes and moved to a brick on the cord.

This has removed a lot of heat from the boxes and should help them last longer without issues.

West Warwick, RI

That is true. But looks like that CPU is running at 700 MHz (1) so I wonder why it doesn't have a heatsink. The Motorola uses a RISC 4K(?) MIPS but it doesn't say what Mhz(2). I do notice the Cisco equipment has dedicated graphic CPU's and more RAM then the top end Motorola, so overall its a much better piece of hardware, I just don't like the firmware. Seems glitchy and doesn't have the same feature set as the Motorola. But now that I look closer I can see the perks of the Cisco equipment.

(1) Cisco 8640HDC Datasheet »www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collate···626A.pdf

(2) Mototola DCX 3400 Datasheet