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Sudden wifi and/or router problems overnight?

I have the MI424WR (rev I) and it's all been working perfectly fine for months. Then I went to sleep on the 23rd and woke up on the 24th (yesterday) to find I had to "press menu" on my TVs (which usually means some kind of update happened, doesn't it?) and suddenly nothing can connect wirelessly and multiroom DVR functionality no longer exists.

The router is on, and my hardwired connection works just fine (normal speeds). The SSID is being broadcast as well, but nothing connects (although I did get my phone to connect once or twice, but nothing loads after that).

I've unplugged/replugged the router 3 times... but it doesn't help.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



I would try resetting the router by holding down the pin hole button next to the on/off switch for 15 seconds, release it and wait about 2 minutes for it to become fully active. NOTE you will lose any custom settings if you try this. (just turning it off will not change any custom settings)
JUST curious, log into the router - advanced- firmware upgrade are you on 40.20.7 ?



Where are you? VZ in the Albany, NY area is reporting a major problem that won't be fixed until 5:15 EDT this afternoon. BTW -- I had the "press menu" issue yesterday too.


reply to anono8

Yep, it's listed as "Current Version: 40.20.7"

I'll try the reset and see if that helps.

And I'm in Brooklyn, NY. Any issue in that area by any chance?



Just reset the router... still nothing.

Any other ideas or do you think it's time to began the torture of dealing with support?

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West Chester, PA
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Support usually isn't torture if you already did the power cycle, and the reset button.
That's the things they have on their script to ask you to do first, and you have already done them.

Do check the router's power supply to see if it is melted/ing or seems unusually hot, because that also can cause the problems you are describing.
Unplug it if that is found to be the case, because next comes the nasty burnt smell and associated smoke.

They'll ask you what lights are doing what and, since it also affects you're TV service, they are usually pretty quick to cross ship you another one overnight.


Mclean, VA

I support a number of customers in the Washington DC area. I also have FIOS as well. I have noticed that there have been a number of STB updates lately, possibly even router updates as well??

Customer called me this morning, no Internet. I checked my LogMeIn logs for their computers and they all dropped out at 2:00 am on the nose. So I suspected something was up.

Had customer check router, Internet light was Yellow/Orange.

Had customer power off router. seemed to take a bit longer than normal for Internet light to go to green, the Internet came back up. No issues with TV or Phone.

So I suspect there was a router firmware push last night and the router did not automatically restart.

I also became annoyed at my older DVR always required a Menu push since earlier in the week.

Went into the STB settings, found new menu options. Sleep Timer was set to 4 hours now, so I changed the setting to NEVER.

I hate the screen saver unless there is a power outage. I need to program my Universal Remote to send out a discrete Power On command to the STB to eliminate the Screen Saver.

So just turn your router off for about 30 seconds, DO NOT reset the router, NEVER reset the router as you will have to configure it from the ground up again if you have a no default SSID, Wireless Password, IP addressing scheme.