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London, ON
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reply to Fraoch

Re: VMedia Cable

said by Fraoch:

said by Doctor:

Here's my speedtest as of a minute ago. I'd say this is pretty typical. From these results I almost think I'm on the 28/1 profile pre-ATPIA. My upload is always exactly 1.0, sometimes 0.99. Never 0.98 or less.

You can be on a TPIA 28/1 plan but on an ATPIA network. For example any TekSavvy customer who did NOT contact TSI after their POI got upgraded are grandfathered into their old speeds, even though they're on ATPIA.

Your modem will retain its old speed profile until a new one is sent to it. That can take a while after an upgrade and some users do fall through the cracks and don't get the speed upgrade.

I'm not sure if VMedia automatically upgrades speeds once a POI is upgraded.

That said, when I was on 28/1 my upload speed always measured 0.99 or 0.98, never exactly 1.00 so something odd could be happening here. However now that I'm on 35/3, upload never measures 1.00 or less, so this speed test is a bit confusing. Try the Beanfield or Nexicom servers?

But Doctor just signed up for CIKtel recently, I think with 2 accounts now. So he would've ordered the new ATPIA speeds as the older wouldn't be offered. If he got put on 28/1, its more than likely the area he is on is still connected to a disaggregated POI.

Although I thought it was CIKtel's plan to be full upgraded by now.


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Yes. The other account on CIK now is not connected to the same POI. That account is getting the speeds as advertised. The personal account is not.

From the speed tests I've been doing I may be on the unadvertised 35/1 account. Which (correct me if I'm wrong) is actually available on disaggregated POI's. They may have put me on the 35/1 account until 45/4 is in place. That's just a guess.