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reply to Chris 313

Re: New Arris TM722G firmware update.

I got updated firmware a month back on my 852G and haven't been able to find much information on 7.6.59C. At least then when I was looking for info there wasn't really anything concrete out there.

Here's my older post with my experiences:

»Newest firmware for Arris TG852G, BUGGY!

Here's a link explaining new options:


Looks like there's some new config options, including IPv6 and MAC filter settings. This new firmware also seems to be laying the groundwork for the new "xfinitywifi" thing which appears to be a work in progress. You can opt-out of this by logging into the Comcast Customer Care site (I did) but a blank SSID will still broadcast.

Here are some posts on this xfinitywifi program:

»[Wi-Fi] Comcast plans to announce Home WiFi Hotspots today

»[Wi-Fi] How to: Become an xfinitywifi/cablewifi Hotspot

»[Wi-Fi] Is the xfinitywifi dead?




Hope this stuff is helpful for you all!

Bill G

North Truro, MA
OP's eMTA is not a Gateway! Therefore it can't support the xfinitywifi stuff.
- Bill