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Re: VMedia Cable

Another update in-case anyone still cares: Evening came around and slow speeds again, kinda annoying, hard to load websites sometimes.

evm: Internet is very slow right now getting an average of 3mb/sec down and 2.86mb/sec upload.
Sai: Hello Evm
Sai: It is our understanding that The slow speed issue would be resolved by tomorrow. We have been told that the upgrade being carried out by Rogers should be completed by then.Unfortunately we do not control that process and frankly we have been disappointed before, but we are monitoring it closely.
Sai: We would be sending email to all our customer mentioning the reason for the slow speed issue and the steps taken to resolve this issue
evm: ok, until then what am I supposed to do? I am having a very hard time loading websites.
Sai: I understand your concern Evm, but we we are working hard to get this resolved
evm: Alright, if I have these problems tomorrow I will come back. Thank you.
Sai: Sure Evm

Edit: They keep on saying tomorrow but I don't know about it.

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said by evm:

Edit: They keep on saying tomorrow but I don't know about it.

that's a typical shitty tech support response to get you to go away.