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Gaffney, SC

[Email/WebMail] Transferring e-mail from one account to another?

Has anyone ever managed to get Charter to transfer an @charter.net e-mail from one account to another? I need to transfer an old e-mail I have been using from my parent's charter account to my own since they're switching to AT&T. I tried one call to customer service and they refused, should I try again or am I just out of luck?

Belleville, IL

Re: [Email/WebMail] Transferring e-mail from one account to anot

I'm not sure what you are asking.

By default, most email programs pull the email from the server, so the email isn't retained on the email server. If the email is still on the server, access the account and forward what you need to the new or a different account. In most instances, any saved email are actually on the PC and saved by the email program.

In any case, I haven't heard of them "forwarding" email like the post office.
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Per this link:


Set up Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, or similar to use "IMAP.charter.net". Do this for each account. Subscribe to the account folders. Copy/Move email from the parental accounts to yours.

Two different ISP IMAP accounts, one desktop client.

Mind the Charter setup instructions; they may not have S-IMAP (Port 993), but just regular IMAP (Port 143).

P.S. If the email has already been downloaded via POP3, drag/drop the selected messages from an email client on the source computer to a folder on a thumb drive. The messages will be stored as *.eml files. Take the thumb drive from the source computer to the destination computer. Open an email client on the destination computer, and drag/drop the messages onto a folder in the destination account of the client.
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Madison, WI
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Since how to "move" emails from one account to another has been covered above , I am going to rewrite your question just in case that is not what you are asking
Is this what you mean ?

I am using the email address of XXXX@Charter.net that is registered under my parents Charter account .
They are moving to AT&T so I know that address will "go away " .
Since I want to continue using the address of XXX@Charter.net , is there any way to transfer the registration to my Charter account ?

You would think that it should be possible , but I don't know how easy it would be for a level 1 tech support to pull off
Also have no idea how long an address is locked after an account is closed , so I don't know if just keeping trying to register the address under your account would work .
This is part of the reason that counting on ISP hosted email is not normally a good idea .


Contact Internet Support. They can do it.


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The names on both accounts have to match or else customer service can't do it. If your parents add you as an authorized user to their account and you add them as authorized users to your account, then you can call in and have customer service switch it.


Waunakee, WI
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I had this done back when they had the social media support group.... sigh....


Ballwin, MO
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I did this 3 years ago when, my now wife, move in and closed her Charter account. I as the user of the account she wanted to be on had to say OK. They just moved it from one account to the other. Have your parents near so they can authorize it also in case they ask. If somebody says they can not do it. Hang up and find another agent util they will.