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Questions about AT&T DSL...... Im moving and seeking info

I will be moving in the coming months to a area I believe offers up to 6mb ATT DSL but doesn't offer uverse there.

First i wanna ask...

1. How reliable are those availability tests on ATT website? The address im moving to shows as 6MB dsl availible but i was just wonder if that a reliable source of confirmation of availbility. The area im moving to is only fairly populated.

2. Im wondering what exactly does a self install kit come with if I choose to not order a ATT modem or gateway? Do I get anytype of kit at all with that option like filters? I have a Netgear DGN2200 that i use now and that i set up myself with my current dsl provider the modem/gateway is said to work with ATT service and id rather use it then a overpriced ATT modem. I also have unused filters if i needed them.

3. How reliable is the service? I plan to get the 3 or 6mb plan.

4. How easy is it to self install with my own modem for the first time customer like myself?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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1. They are not 100% reliable. You won't really know until you order. But the AT&T Direct techs can iron out database wrinkles if they appear to not be in your favor.

2. I don't know. I don't even know if you can order service without the modem. The normal self install kit includes modem and filters.

3. Reliability of service depends on the condition of both plant and premises wiring. I had a few wrinkles (3.0 Mnps service) due to plant wiring; but they upgraded the neighborhood F2 span for a U-verse deployment, and service was solid after that. A friend had troubles with 6.0 Mbps, but a premises wiring overhaul fixed that.

4. If your modem can auto detect the plant settings, should be "plug'n'play".
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1 edit

Thanks for the info, you can order without a modem, i went threw the signup all the way to where it says enter SSN and there was a option that said no ill use my own router/gateway. I really hope i can get a connection tho, it would be crazy for me to not have internet access. I know there are wireless options from cell phone providers but those wouldnt meet my needs at all.