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[connectivity] Verizon dsl

Everytime it rains I loose dsl. for 2 years now. A tech comes out and says box on pole needs to be replaced. I get an email saying its fixed/cant be fixd if nobody fixed anythng.I have slow dsl because of distance to server but i get email saying i have speeds like I live next door to the server.When it rains my hard line sounds like popcorn. Is att in my area?

North Tonawanda, NY

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If Verizon is your telephone provider, AT&T will not be showing up. Verizon has to fix the issue with their copper network. If they won't, you'll have to complain to someone who can make them fix it.

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said by ejb50301 :

Is att in my area?

You need to ask that in our »AT&T DSL forum. But normally if you are in Verizon territory, AT&T is not available.

Edit: You are "speedy gonzalez" this morning, Mr. Smith.


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You either have Verizon or AT&T.


Los Angeles, CA
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I have the same problem (right down to the popcorn) and every single time it's happened I've called tech support. EVERY TIME. Even if it's only a couple days/weeks apart. The techs always come and give some bogus reasons that are hard to call them out on unless I follow them around the neighborhood and look over their shoulder the whole time. Bad splices, flooded boxes, missing covers someone from another utility didn't properly replace, bad pair, blah blah. They always give me their "word" that it's fixed and write it up as a finished job and then the next time we get more than a drizzle, the connection starts dropping again and the popcorn returns.

I've jumped through all the hoops that they've wanted just to make it clear the problem isn't on my end. I've replaced all wiring from the NID/splitter and inside the house. I've replaced all phones, jacks, modem replacement they sent me, etc..

I've given up on them fixing it (especially with all the rumors that they're doing the bare minimum with copper maintenance now), but I still call every time it happens and I ask them to look at my ticket history so they can see it hasn't been fixed. This always results in them passing me over to billing at the end of the call and a monthly discount. Usually it's $10-$15/month discount for 12 months. I would prefer they fix it instead of trying to appease me with the discount, but it doesn't rain often enough in Los Angeles for me to push them any harder to fix it.