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Sr Tech
New Britain, CT

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Mint 15 Lesson learned (nemo & naultilus)

Just thought I would share this bit of information in case others are having the same issue. I installed Mint 15 (cinnamon) a while back until my icons started disappearing from the desktop. After weird issues started to happen I thought it was just unstable with my hardware setup. Well I tried a fresh reinstall, pain is having to go through and get everything where you want it. After I got everything where I wanted it to be, my desktop icons disappeared again. I googled and came across the same issue other were having as well with no answers. After some extensive research of each program I had installed after getting the OS up and running, it turns out nemo is not compatible with nautilus at the same time (something I did not know). I am used to using nautilus and had installed it without thinking and proceeded as normal. Anyway long story short, removing nautilus stopped the abnormalities and returned the icons to my desktop. For anyone else having this issue with icons have disappeared from the desktop running Mint 15 Cinnamon I would suggest removing nautilus if you had inadvertently installed it.