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Mulberry, FL
reply to murfeez_law

Re: Millenicom Mifi SIM Card

Not getting this at all - the SIM card doesn't have a warranty. If it goes bad, just request a replacement and they will send you one. SIM cards are designed to be swapped around, that is why techies like gsm stuff so much.


Thanks for the input guys. I look forward to trying it out once I get my hands on one of the new Nexus 7 tablets.

Also, looking forward to the moto X announcement. Maybe I could use the SIM with it instead. NICE


Lost today
reply to kevnich24
I misplaced my simcard was unable to find, emailed Millenicom they told me they cannot replace simcard and I would need to buy new device.


Vanleer, TN
reply to Google123
Not to hijack your thread at all , I bought the new nexus 7 and its awesome , , Im going a different route, I have the wifi version , I will use this as my full time phone, it works great with groove ip and google voice phone, will get the 4620 as a hotspot and have both with me , a 219.00 phone that outdoes anything out there and 20 gb data plan , cant beat it , besides that ill have mobile internet with me for anything I need and a backup for my rural internet that goes down quite a bit,