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[Cable] Recently moved, infuriating time receiving service

I am writing this on my phone and emailing it over to my friend to post on dslreports.

It has been 9 days since I moved in to my condo and I still have no internet service, which while not life-destroying, is more than an inconvenience at this point, especially considering I'm paying for these 9 days AND the $60-$70 address change service fee.

I called teksavvy a whole month before my move to schedule a change of address and move of service. The rep ran their initial investigation and said I need to get a new modem (condo can only use the DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems apparently) and they have to register the modem before they can move the service. Not that much of an issue, I'd have to buy a new $100-something modem but ok. I bought and registered my new modem with teksavvy and used it for a week at the old place with no issues.

I also scheduled an appointment with teksavvy to have a technician come in on my move in day (20th July) to initiate service.

Come move in date. 30 minutes prior to my preferred tech appointment time I get an email from teksavvy saying the tech will be at my place NOT on saturday the 20th but on tuesday 23rd. No big issue.

I call up teksavvy monday the 22nd to figure out why the tech rescheduled, and basically try to understand how to avoid this in the future (maybe I should've scheduled a month in advance for technician to have no downtime). Call teksavvy, on hold for not 10, 20 or 30 mins but a full 70 before the system asks me to leave a call back number. That was a bit annoying. So a rep calls back, says they only provide Rogers with preferred dates, but rogers is not obliged to use those dates .

Tech comes Tuesday, does his thing in cable room, and checks to see that I have signal in the outlet I've designated for my modem, declares great success and leaves. Tells me he's fulfilled his obligations and if I have no service I should wait and/or contact isp. I give it 2hrs, no connection, I do my trouble-shooting (I have a background in computer networks) and called up teksavvy again. Queue another 70min hold before call back is triggered. Tech guy says wait till midnight maybe it'll come then. Ok w/e waited. 12.45am-ish no internet. Called teksavvy, tech said it's weird and maybe recent floods affected something and I should have internet by 10am the next day, I said I have work and will check at 7pm. Tech says no worries definitely should have by then.

7pm wednesday 24th- no internet. Called teksavvy, another wait/call back system and began troubleshooting with teksavvy technician. Did the whole reboot modem, computer, reset, release/renew ip, plug modem to desktop, netsh clear log and ip (this was new, haven't run that before). Still nothing. Still private ip address, dhcp and dns all private addresses. To be fair, the tech did what all he could (including asking their internal helpline people for more of the advanced trouble shooting) but at the end of the call we decided to schedule a tech to come friday/Saturday/sunday of this week between 5pm-9pm to figure out why my modem can't connect to the outside world.

Friday rolls around, nothing. Saturday. July 27 rolls around, I have social commitments (friend's wedding, no biggy). So I go to wedding event. Stayed there until 4.30pm and left the wedding early, in case the technician comes. After no appearance, made a 6pm call teksavvy to find out if the technician will ever come, rep said that rogers is not obligated to use my days and that since she doesn't see rogers having committed a time internally to teksavvy, she's escalating this issue, so far 8 days no internet. She requests I call back after 24hrs as the escalation is for that long for roger to reply by.

Sunday july 28th, today. Called teksavvy around 7 or 8pm and asked for status. Tech placed me on a 5min hold to read all the notes on my case. Says all he can do is escalate it to highest level, I understand.

Soooooo, here we are. 9 days. No internet. Not in some remote location, but here in Toronto. And 3 weeks after the great flood of toronto, an excuse used by many of the reps above as to why only my service isn't up.

This is extremely infuriating. No one is giving me a straight answer and nothing is being done at all. Absolutely one of the worst dealings I've had.

Gwai Lo Dan

L5B 0C8
I'd be annoyed too in that situation.

TSI Jonathan
reply to meepmeep
Hi meepmeep,

Very sorry to read about your friends experience so far. I would like to look into his case and see the progress and ensure that everything that could be done has been done. Could you please PM me his account information?


TSI Jonathan
E-Services Team Leader
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.