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[Cable] 2 weeks without internet after move, unbelievable

Hi all,

I moved several weeks ago, and I still don't have my internet connected. Teksavvy sent me a new modem, set it up en route to make sure that it would be good to go when it arrived, and I have it all nicely plugged in. But I have not had a Rogers technician to connect my new house yet.

I called the day after my move. Teksavvy set most of the move up, had a modem sent, and told my I'd be emailed when a technician was scheduled to come. Great! Then I heard nothing for a week, so I called back. Teksavvy then told me that Rogers was not booking anyone because they are too busy (possibly with the storm, offered my sage support rep).

Now, I've done some checking and I know that Rogers can have a technician at your house tomorrow if you need it. Even another user on this forum posted recently that the tech came in a few days, no problem! What's going on? I still haven't received an email about a technician visit. I've called Teksavvy back a few days ago, and I waited on hold for half an hour for them to tell me that they'd send me an email?? While other people are getting techs? What is going on here?

I've been with teksavvy for so long that my customer ID number has like 2 digits in it But this is really annoying me. Especially the prospect of having to wait on hold for them to tell me nothing.

TSI Support1
TSI Support
Chatham, ON
Hey MDeeDee,

Thanks for the post. I am so sorry to hear this. I can assure you that I'll do everything I can to assist with this. Please post in the direct forum so I can respond without the risk of any account specific information being made public.


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East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
reply to MDeeDee
Rogers only offers their own customers this "NEXT DAY" service thing. TPIA ISP's don't get that same treatment. Rogers makes companies like TSI wait 48 hours and only accessable via email for a response from them. It's ridiculous, but the CRTC set this up, so don't expect anything better.

The time has come for TSI and the others to demand the CRTC put in a Service Level requirement, so this BS can't happen. They should not be allowed to treat TPIA as 2nd class and just brush off appointments, offer next day install for just their own direct customers. It's unfair, and is only done to make the TPIA's look bad.

It would seem rogers is giving you and TSI the run around.

I would ask TSI to escalate this.. At this point, there is no excuse.