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[HN9000] Hughesnet and Planetside 2

Hey i have Hughesnet hn9000 and i want to play an mmo and i heard the first Planetside worked and i wanted to know if the second one did i have been waiting for a fps but i dont want to download it if it doesn't work if the lag is 1 sec that's fine but hoping it is no worse than that thanks for any replies in advance hope they are good news.


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I havn't tested, but I can say with 99.99999% accuracy that it will not work.

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reply to Bluebaron
When i do online gaming.. Latency spikes up to 1700 or 3000 depending on how much activity is currently going on. Lowest i saw it go durring connection with the game server is 1000 pretty much no lower):

The game i play freezes up (like it did the other day) witch was'nt normal but not sure if it were just the server being too busy or what but its possible it was a bit busier than normal since some idiotic kid decided to use MGL on every inch of the map (witch totally ruined the fun)

It also depends on how many connections (players) that you have gained/made between yourself and others.. Activity in the server and connections with those players have a limit, remember that.
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said by CaptainC:

I havn't tested, but I can say with 99.99999% accuracy that it will not work.